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Baby Foot Spa Bundle

Baby Foot Spa Bundle

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Baby Foot Holiday Spa Bundle Includes Original Peel + Foot Soak Packets + Foot Scrub

The Baby Foot Spa Bundle Holiday Version contains 1 Original Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel, 2 Foot Soak Packets and 1 tube of Foot Scrub.

Baby Foot Spa Bundle  is a perfect gift for a 1-week foot peel treatment, resulting in an even better foot peel experience.


  • 1 Original Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel (Lavender Scented)

o   With 16 Natural Extracts

  • 2 Foot Soak Packets (Fresh Citrus & Cypress Wood Scented)

o   With Enzyme to speed up the peeling process

  • 1 Smoothing Foot Scrub (Unscented)

o   With Baking Soda

 Day 1:

Soaking your feet prior to the foot peel treatment is suggested. We’ve created a soak containing an enzyme which helps prepare your feet for the peeling process. After soaking your feet for 10-15 minutes, put on the treatment booties, slip a pair of socks over them, and wear for 1 hour. Remove booties, rinse, and dry feet.

 Day 2-5:

After Foot Peel application, repeat soaking your feet with the second pack of Foot Soak. The enzyme in the soak will help speed up the peeling process.

 Day 3-7:

Once feet start to peel, gently massage Foot Scrub all around feet, including soles, toes, and ankles. Rinse feet thoroughly with warm water. Use 2-3 times per week as needed.


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